Terms of Use

bdlivebarta allows you to download audio/video files or files from its website for personal use only, and in non-commercial terms, subject to the terms of use. However, this permission may be revoked at any time.

You are not permitted to download the content of the bdlivebarta website or make any changes to it, in the promotion, advertising, recommendation, or any other activity that appears to be related to you (or anyone else) and BDLiveNews, or any of its employees or agents.

bdlivebarta will not be liable for any loss you may incur as a result of downloading or using the content of bdlivebarta or for any other reason.

Terms of use for your work in bdlivebarta:

If you want a journalist to contact you on behalf of bdlivebarta, leave your phone number.

In some cases, one or more of the comments selected from your comments may be printed with your name and where you are writing from unless you have an objection. However, there will be no information that you can contact.

You should never endanger yourself or take any risk or break any law by describing any of our pictures, videos, or events that you have seen with your own eyes.

Please read the terms below.


1- bdlivebarta may ask for the whole or part of your work (any picture you take, any video, graphics work, or audio clip) to use in their online service. The BBC is determined to abide by all such rules. This rule will determine how BdliveBarta will use your work and how you or BDLiveBarta will be allowed to use your work.

2- If you allow bdlivebarta to use your work (any pictures, videos, graphics, or audio clips you take), then bdlivebarta has the right to promote any work worldwide for free. Bdlivebarta can remove any part of the work add something new or edit it as per its requirement. If bdlivebarta thinks that any part of it violates the terms of bdlivebarta, then that part will be cut off.

3- By granting permission, you are giving BDLiveVarta full freedom to use the whole part or part of your work in any way, any need, and anywhere in the world. If bdlivebarta wants, they can allow any third party (other news agency) to use it.

4- You will have the right to work and in this case, there is no restriction on bdlivebarta. You can allow anyone else to use it if you want.

5- You are making sure that your work or works do not infringe the copyright of any third party or any other law or there is nothing objectionable in it. You further confirm that your work is solely yours that it was not used for any promotional or illegal purposes and that there is no commercial purpose behind it. You also make sure that if a person is involved in your work, you have obtained their permission, or if you are using someone under the age of 18, with the consent of their guardian.

6- If you have no objection, we will show your name along with the part of your work. But many times it may not be so.

6- For various reasons (to be sure about your work or any other need) you may need to be contacted by bdlivebarta. Provide a detailed address and phone number for when and where we can contact you.

6- You are requested not to take any risk in any work done for bdlivebarta and not to put yourself or others in any kind of adverse situation.

9- bdlivebarta may want to know your personal information for their work needs. However, in accordance with the terms of BDLivebarta’s Privacy and Cookies Policy, that information will be kept confidential and will be used for BDLivebarta’s own needs.

10- If you do not want to share your work (any photos, videos, graphics, or audio clips you have taken) with bdlivebarta in accordance with the terms of bdlivebarta, please do not post them on the bdlivebarta website.

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