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bdlivebarta is committed to keeping your and your family’s personal information safe when using bdlivebarta.

In order to make full use of bdlivebarta, sometimes you have to share your personal information with bdlivebarta.

The information you provide is binding on bdlivebarta to be used in accordance with the Data Protection Act and all applicable laws to protect personal information.

bdlivebarta has often linked to a third-party-owned website. BodyLiveNews has no responsibility for the content of these external websites and you can use them at your own risk.

What kind of information will bdlivebarta collect about me?

You may need to provide some personal information in order to access websites such as bdlivebarta newsletters, contests, live chats, and message boards. Such as your name, email address, telephone, and mobile number or date of birth.

After typing your information in the space provided, bdlivebarta allows you to use the service of your choice.

bdlivebarta uses some cookies in this case. A cookie is a small amount of data that is stored on a website that contains information about your likes and dislikes. In this way, bdlivebarta can present the websites as per your choice. You can allow these cookies to be inserted into your web browser, so you may have a notification option – you may not allow cookies to be inserted again.

If you are 18 or younger, get your parent’s permission before giving out your personal information on the bdlivebarta website. It is forbidden to give any information on bdlivebarta website without parental permission.

How will bdlivebarta use my personal information?

In a few cases, bdlivebarta uses your personal information. These include ‘Service Administration Purpose’, for example, bdlivebarta may contact you if you need a website you are using.

bdlivebarta will keep the information you provide confidential if there are no legal obligations or legal restrictions.

bdlivebarta may use your personal information to stop you from posting or posting offensive, offensive, or inappropriate content on the bdlivebarta website, or otherwise interfering with the activities of the bdlivebarta website.

How long will bdlivebarta store my personal information?

To use the bdlivebarta website, bdlivebarta will store your personal information for as long as needed. In addition, if you write or post anything on a bdlivebarta website, it will be saved for a reasonable amount of time.

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