bdlivebarta is an expression of youthful creativity. A bunch of children and their youth are mixed with every word of this publication. what is going to bdlivebarta neutralize the gang of the many online magazines? Our news will always reveal the reality, fear, dread, compassion will never bow to anything. regardless of how difficult the reality could also be, we would like to reveal it with a fearless heart.

With the theme ‘Technology and Youth Media’, Our News BD always strives to spotlight technology, science, information communication, and youth creativity. BDLivebarta wants to play a helpful role in developing the creativity of the young generation to determine a knowledge-based science-oriented human society. That’s why in Hour News we attempt to be the primary to publish the newest news of science, information, and communication technology alongside other news.

You, the readership, are our biggest inspiration within the path of BdLiveNews. we’ll only survive if you stick with us crazy. All our efforts are going to be centered on your news needs. Any of your feedback is welcome. we’ll attempt to follow your advice. you’ll contact us on Hour News and any of it.

Bdlivebarta speaks of humanity, bdlivebarta speaks of the country. Bdlivebarta speaks of world humanity.

We speak of patriotism, we speak of the war of liberation, we speak in Bengali. The martyrs of Ekushey are our inspiration, we get courage from those sun soldiers of 71 battlefields who haven’t been defeated. We don’t want to be defeated. Our News wants to become a reliable news medium for 160 million people in this country.

We all talk, we’ve no team. Whatever is sweet we would like to be with him. we would like to travel hand in hand with you.

We respect the laws and customs of the state. Bdlivebarta never publishes news against patriotism and state law and against the social tolerance of Bengalis. We are respectful of all religions, we don’t express anything by hurting the emotions of any religion or its followers.

The bdlivebarta.com website runs on a responsive web layout. this may allow the website to be automatically inserted into your device and you’ll not need to scroll right or left.



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